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Detailed below is our price list.  Please note we provide a free collection and return service for households in Sutton Coldfield.

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Here's our 2024 ironing price list.

Clothing (price per item)

Adult T-shirts, Short Skirts and Shorts  £1.25 

Adult Polo Shirts, Short Sleeve Shirts & Blouses, Jumpers, Long Skirts and Trousers  £1.75 

Adult Long Sleeve Shirts & Blouses and Short Dresses  £1.95 

Adult Long Dresses  £2.95 

Children's Clothing (12 years and under)  £0.95 

Bedding (price per item)

Flat Sheet - Single  £3.95 

Flat Sheet - Double  £4.95 

Flat Sheet - King & Larger  £5.45 

Fitted Sheet - Single  £4.45 

Fitted Sheet - Double  £5.45 

Fitted Sheet - King & Larger  £5.95 

Duvet Cover - Single  £4.95 

Duvet Cover - Double  £5.95 

Duvet Cover - King & Larger  £6.45 

Pillowcase - Standard  £1.25 

Pillowcase - Queen  £1.35 

Oxford Pillowcase - Standard  £1.35 

Oxford Pillowcase - Queen  £1.45 

Other Items (price per item)

Table Cloth - Medium  £3.95 

Table Cloth - Large  £4.95 

Blanket - Small  £1.95 

Blanket - Large  £3.45 

Napkin  £0.55 

Tea Towel  £0.45 

Hanger  £0.30 

Folding of Clothing  £0.30

Large, unusual or complex items - prices available upon request, please contact us.

We have a minimum order value of £15.00.

We prefer to courier clothing on hangers, so please provide appropriate hangers.  If hangers aren't supplied we can supply wire hangers at a cost of £0.30 per hanger or we can fold clothing at a cost of £0.30 per garment.

Our preferred payment method is via bank transfer, but we do accept cash.

Book via our online booking form